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The PSAAA is a not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political organisation. The Pakistani Students Association of Australia (PSAA) is a student body that represents the specific interests of the increasing number of Pakistani international students in Australia. All overseas Pakistani students are encouraged to be involved with PSAA. It was formally formed on 01/06/09 in Melbourne, however its founding members were always involved in community welfare activities ranging from accommodating new students, organising Independence Day & Eid-Milan functions to fund-raising for earth quake or Sawat Victims.

Since, its inaugural meeting, PSAA has been able to reach the students across Melbourne and a huge Independence Day function resulted at Fairview Park Hawthorn on 09/08/09. While, the inaugural Independence Day Function in Canberra organized by PSAA will take place on 16/08/09. Apart from the social activities other plans to improve general wellbeing of Pakistani students in Australia, specifically in Melbourne and Canberra are in the pipeline. A fund-raising campaign for Sawat Victims vigorously led by Mr. Kashif Bouns has seen PSAA generate more than $3000 in donation.


Different Pakistani organizations have been a handy tool over the years to promote the sense of patriotism and harmony among the overseas Pakistani community. Even in Australia in general and Melbourne itself there have been a few organizations like PAFA (Pakistan Australia Friendship Association) & PAAM (Pakistan Australia Association Melbourne) among others which have done their utmost to strengthen the connection between the expatriates and Pakistan.

However, it was felt that there was a lot to be done for the Pakistani student community in the country as they form the biggest contingent of our community in Australia. Students generally operate under a lot of stress ranging from home sickness, language barriers, cultural shock, study load and work life balance to name a few. All these factors consume them so much that sometimes they feel a bit distanced from the rest of Pakistani community like working professionals and families. The functions conducted by our existing organizations generally focus on family audience and rightly so as it’s very important to instil a sense of patriotism in Australian born Pakistanis. But, it results in a lack of involvement for the Pakistani student class as they cannot normally afford high priced tickets for the functions and more importantly cannot get time to attend the functions being conducted on Fridays & Saturdays, which suit the families best but for students they can result in critical loss of income.

Keeping these issues in mind, there was a need to fill up the vacuum of a platform for Pakistani students and hence PSAA has been formed to fill this gap.


The PSAA has three aims: firstly, it aims to address problems - personal, social, cultural, lingual or administrative - which might be faced by Pakistani students in an Australia. Secondly, and more positively, it opens up opportunities for overseas Pakistani students to mingle with Australia born and bred Pakistanis by organising social events. Thirdly, it provides a platform for the Pakistani students to showcase their talent and all this at a very minimum cost or no-cost at all whenever possible and on the days which best suit the students.

PSAA will strive to maintain and improve the collective and individual welfare of International Students promotes understanding and friendship between Pakistani Students and the local community. It will look after the interests of Pakistani students across all Universities and TAFEs as it does not represent one University, TAFE or College but will be the umbrella organization for Pakistanis from all institutes and affiliations.

The PSAA hopes that it is successful in achieving these aims. However, without the participation of a broad section of its members, anything the PSAA attempts to achieve becomes more difficult. In other words, the more international students who are active in the PSAA, the more the PSAA can achieve! At the moment PSAA is concentrating on having a strong structure and presence in Melbourne and Canberra but, if the students are willing to put in that extra effort, Inshallah we would be able to look after the interests of Pakistani students all over Australia in the future.

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